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Best Machines for the Ball Pen Tip Production and Refill Assembly

ball pen tips: blanks

The Swiss Company TOP TIP had originally a local activity only. Its main purpose was the production of machines dedicated to the ball pen production located nearby. Truly this industry required special machines with the highest quality and reliability.

In the last years we started producing these machines also for the Far East, where the new ball pen industry required not only the same quality as in Europe or USA but also lowest prices. TOP TIP has therefore completely reorganized its production and in this way fully reaching all its goals.

The main machines offered by TOP TIP are actually:

Of course we are able to offer also the working tools and replacement parts for these and competitor's machines.

We invite you to look at technical data of these machines and we are sure that you will find some of them which will fully solve your production goals. We are also ready to help your technicians to learn how to install and maintain these machines so that you will be ready to start your production as quickly as possible at lowest cost for you.

Quite often we have the chance to offer used machines too, so don't hesitate to contact us for any additional informations you may need..





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